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Fulbright English Teaching Assistant. Recent graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. Germanophile. Wearer of purple skinny jeans (whenever possible). Global transient. Current location: Dresden, Germany

I'm a Mormon.

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Vielleicht ist die Schweiz ja eine Lösung für alles.

Faserland, Christian Kracht
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"In every year from 1951 to 1990, the Defense Department budget has exceeded the combined net profits of all American corporations." The U.S. Constitution does not accord the president the top economic power; nevertheless, he has acquired that capacity from his role as chief executive officer of the military economy’s management. … The U.S. economy, rather than merely reacting to uncontrollable foreign threats, actually guided world relations.

Masao Miyoshi, “From Colonialism to Transnationalism”, quoting Seymour Melman
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Genoa, Italy (Detail)

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Basilica della Santissima Annunziata, Genoa, Italy

Streets of Genoa, Italy

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Genoa, Italy

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Attention: This is the correct way to advertise.

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Streets of Genoa.

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People-watching in Genoa.  (This is my new favorite pastime.)

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Street Art in Genoa

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Monaco, or The Day I Was Glad I Didn’t Wear a Hoodie.

Seriously, everyone we saw was wearing designer everything, relaxing on a blue whale-sized yacht, and just generally channeling the grandeur of Princess Grace Kelly.

At least it was sunny and beautiful and the seagulls were friendly.

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View from la colline du chateau

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